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Ilsa: She wolf of the SS (1975)

"Even the SS feared her"

Aka: Ilsa Honvargen från SS (SWE)
Cathegory: Sexploitation, Women in prison, Nazis
Country: America
My version was: 96 minutes/Uncut
IMDB: 5.2
Production company: Aeteas Filmproductions
Director: Don Edmonds
Cast: Dyanne Thorne/George Flower/Nicolle Ridell/Tony Mumolo/Sandy Richman


The plot in short:
The sadistic and big breasted SS-officer Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne) runs a concentration camp where she conducts sexual torture and medical experiments on the prisoners.

 "Great" moments and quotes throughout the movie:
4 minutes in: The movie starts out with a scene where Ilsa uses a man for sex before sending him to the concentrationcamp. Lets hope the rest of the movie makes as much sense as this first scene.
Foreplay=sex=concentration camp

17 minutes in: Ilsa inspects the packages of the newly arrived male prisoners and goes on a soapbox speach about how none of them are true aryans because none of them have huge penises. I am white myself and as flattering as it is i think she somewhere mixed up her facts on physical racial stereotypes. Just saying.

34 minutes in:
Male prisoner 1: "You see when i reached puberty i discovered something about myself that set me apart from all the rest of the guys. Something that made me unique i guess. One of a kind"
Male prisoner 2: "What...but what?"
Male prisoner 1: "I discovered that i could hold back for as long as i want, i still can. All night if necessary. I guess you could call me a freak of nature, a sort of human machine."
Male prisoner 2: "My god!"
The fact that this isnt a porno makes the dialoge even greater.

61 minutes in: (picture below) Potted plants and picket fences. A wellknown feature in German concentration camps.

Fun facts:
¤Was filmed on the same set as Hogans Heroes.
¤It was rejected twice from British cinemas by the cencors.
¤The first of 4 Ilsa movies.
Dyanne Thorne is basicly the only good thing

The good and the bad:
++Dyanne Thorne's acting and cleavage.

--The movie is just to sadistic to be enjoyed by a healthy mind.
--The disturbing sexual torture scenes that make up 40% of the movie.
--Molotov coctails do not cause houses to explode if thrown at them.
Electric dildo, one of many disturbing scenes

The actual movie: 3/10
WWII was an age of human suffering for all nations involved and many "based on fact"“ movies has been made on this subject, some of them are truly great. We have the Schindlers list portraying the fascists crimes and Katyn showing the communists crimes agains humanity. What they tried to achieve here is making a sexploitation flick and candycoat it with the same sort of sensemoral. This is what turns my stomach a knot. If they wanted to make a nudy women i prison movie then by all means go ahead (and i would probably like it) but to pass it off as a political statement is just wierd. Nobody watched the film for its political statement and i even think a whole bunch of freaks jerked of while watching it.
Even though Dyanne Thorne's character is a sadistic cunt she is quite charming. Especially when her little nazi girls shout "Sieh heil" way to enthusiasticly and she only replies with laid back "Hi". Other than her i didnt really find much likable stuff in the film. If watching young girls being tortured, boiled alive, blown up in a pressure chamber and getting probed with electric dildos this movie is right up your alley. You are also probably someone i would avoid shaking hands with if i ever meet you in real life.
To be honest i cant see to whom this movie caters for but it sure isnt me, and dont give me none of that "classic movie" bullshit.

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  1. There was a whole slew of these "Nazi-ploitation" flicks back in the 70's--this was one of the first and best. I know I own at least a dozen of them. They were all pretty much the same schtick: a bunch of well-endowed chicks get hauled off to the camp where they get naked, get tortured and then a couple manage to escape in the end and the Nazis get their just deserts. Most of them were pretty cheap and I have no idea what prompted the fad or who got into them--obviously there was an audience for it because there were a shitload of them. Political statement? No fuckin' way--it's just schlock and was always meant to be schlock and most of its viewers were people like me who rented it on VHS back in the day. It was not well-known at the time of release or highly controversial and there is nothing serious about it. If it were between sitting though this thing, Salo, or Salon Kitty, I'd pick Ilsa in a heartbeat because it is hilarious and fake as shit, although my all-time fave retardo Nazi flick would have to be Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate. Aside from that, this movie ain't shit compared to what the Japanese were and continue to crank out. It's cartoonish and unrealistic, whereas a lot of the Jap schlock is kind of disturbing, expertly filmed, and they didn't skimp on production, either.

    These "video nasties" serve their purpose and if I had to guess I'd say their target audience would be males in the 16-30 year-old range. I know my interest in that stuff was at its peak during those years. You can only watch so much before it gets boring. Stomach churning? Nevah. It's a fuckin' dumbass movie. It's the thought that they are trying to make it stomach-churning that that makes it fun. It's the thought that counts! The more tasteless and inappropriate the better. Not sure if Ilsa is a classic or not, but I think a lot of fans of the exploitation genre like it.

    1. Think i got 10 or more of these SS/Nazichickflicks laying around but only gotten around to watching about 3 of them and as bad as this one is it's the least shitty out of the bunch.
      Secon comming of hate is cheesy as hell but the most ridiculous one must be that Piranha (think its called) about the jew that takes revenge on skinheads who raped his jewgirl, dont ever think ive seen braces that thick before haha.