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Death House (1987)

No one gets out...alive!!
Aka: Zombie death house (DVD version)
Category: Zombies/Horror
Country: America
My version was: 96 minutes/Uncut
IMDB: 4.4
Budget in dollars: 1.500.000
Production company: Double Helix Films
Director: John Saxon
Cast: Dennis Cole/Anthony Franciosa/Tane McLure/Dana Lis Mason/Ron O'Neal/Dino Paskas/Michael R. Long/Salvatore Richichi/Joe Zimmerman/Rickey Pardon


The plot in short:
Derek a former Vietnam vet falls on hard times when he gets back home to the states. To make ends meet he takes a job as a chauffeur for the local crime lord and eventually ends up behind bars. AT the same time a rogue government agent is conducting experiments on inmates at this exact prison to create supersoldiers. Shit goes wrong off course and we now have a prison full of zombies.

“Great” moments and quotes throughout the movie:

22 minutes in: (picture below)
This guy who’s supposed to be the “spiritual Jamaican” in this prison don’t really look that authentic to me. Looks more like Rick James than Bob Marley with them fancy jerry curls of his. A thousand of suburban white skaters have pulled of a more genuine rasta look than yours.
Congratulations on your failure.

71 minutes in: Derek talks to a couple of prisoners who are enjoying their newfound freedom thanks to the zombie outbreak saying “We got guns, we got booze, we got food, we got music. Now all we need is a bunch of hookers and some pussy” last time I checked those two came as a package deal.

And the babe award goes to:
Tane McClure - Tanya (the scientist)
Not much competition since the film takes place in a prison for men.

Fun facts:
¤The movie was shot in little over 3 weeks.

The good:
Not much besides from the dream sequence with Tanya.

The bad:
Zombies: They talk, they run and they die from a bullet in the stomach. Laughable.

Background mumbling: Anyone who has turned on the TV at about 9 in the morning and found themselves too tired to change channels have probably watched at least 10 minutes of “Days of our lifes” and know what I’m talking about. Most scenes don’t have any dialogue but instead the characters thoughts and plans are being spoken in a prerecorded dialogue. This is a quite weird way to do cinema and I wonder what John Saxon was thinking when he choose to do it like this.

Directing: Weird cuts, strange skips in the story and just plain awkward dialogue at some points. For one and a half million worth of budget in the late 80’s I expected something better than this.

Homosexuality: Don’t get me wrong I am far from a homophobe and I don’t have problem with gay scenes in cinema (especially not lesbian scenes) but the creator’s lack of prisonlife experiment scares me. According to this film the majority of all men in prison are gay and even the big bad leader in the yard has a poster of a naked Dolph Lundgren and calls other prisoner’s names like “candy as”. Sodomy is far from accepted by most inmates in real life and when I then see a scene where a guard sticks a billyclub up the as of an inmate I’m starting to question the sexual orientation of the creators or the sexual orientation of it’s targeted viewers. From what I’ve seen it isn’t me that’s for sure.

Final verdict: 2/10
A zombie movie set in prison created by people who’s never been to prison or watched a zombie movie.

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